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Present Roll 26 mainstream including 3 Pre-5 children

Planning Capacity 42 mainstream + 13 Pre-5 children

Stages Covered Pre-5 to P7



Acting Head Teacher  - Miss Janice MacRae

Principal Teacher -  Mrs Susan Baker 

Class Teacher -  Mrs Sally Harper

Class Teacher  - Ms Anna MacCorquodale

 Early Education and Care Worker -   Meri Ferguson (Temporary)

Support Teacher -  Mrs Jane MacCormick


Instrumental Instructor  - Mr Scott MacDermott 

Gaelic Teacher - Ms Sheena MacKellar

Classroom Assistant -  Mrs Maggie-May Murray

Classroom Assistant - Ms Kareen Connell

Office and Classroom Assistant - Mrs Dolinda Jamieson

Catering Manager - Mrs Fiona McCormick 
Cleaner/Janitor  - Mr Seumas Baker



9.30 am - 3.30pm
Morning interval   11.00 am - 11.15 am
Lunch   12.30 pm -1.15 pm 

Pre- 5 session    9.30am -12.40pm